Mating stick insects from Vietnam 😀 But what kind..?
Location:  Jungle, Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
July 31, 2010 7:53 am
We were trekking through the jungle on one of the islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, with me constantly lagging behind the rest of the group. But thank goodness I did because I managed to spot this lovely little pair having a go at it on a leaf. If I remember correctly (I spotted them a month ago at the beginning of July) she was about 4-5 inches in length. I loved the almost scale-like patterns of yellow and black on the female. The male wasn’t quite as distinctive. They both had a few ”thorns” poking out of their abdomens. I’ve tried searching for what these guys are called, but I am clueless. Thanks!

Unidentified Mating Walkingsticks are Neohirasea maerens

Hi Rixie,
We agree that this is an attractive pair of Walkingsticks.  We will need to research their identity, but we are posting them prior to research since one of our readers might be able to assist in the identification.

Update from Karl
August 3, 2010
Hi Daniel and Rixie:
It looks like a pair of Neohirasea maerens (Phasmatidae: Lonchodinae). This native of Vietnam and neighboring countries is apparently quite popular among Walkingstick breeders so there is quite a lot of information available on the internet. Regards.

I see that Karl was able to identify them. Thank you so much for you help! You all do fantastic work and I love your site 🙂

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