Virgin Island’s Bug
Location:  Virgin Island
July 26, 2010 9:58 pm
Found these while on a trip to the Virgin Islands. The only name we found from a local was ’love bugs.’ I can only assume given by their orgy like piles. I was wondering what these little guys were. They had such a beautiful color I had to photograph.
In a side note, I live in southern Ohio and get all sorts of bugs inside. I hate the idea of using chemicals to kill them. Do you have any suggestions for deterrents for your common bugs? I once heard crab apples worked on spiders?

Aggregation of St. Andrew's Cotton Stainers

Hi Michael,
The winged adults and wingless nymphs of many True Bugs, including the St. Andrew’s Cotton Stainers,
Dysdercus andreae, in your photo form large aggregations.  Though mating does occur in these situations, the aggregations are thought to help the survival of the species because of the safety in numbers syndrome.  We have heard that folks in Ohio use ripe Osage Oranges to deter insects, but we cannot confirm that it works.

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