Are these Bagrada hilaris
Location:  San Pedro California, south of LA
July 25, 2010 1:38 pm
I found these all over the hose in the front yard flower bed. The smaller ones look like ladybugs but I think they are just immature versions of the bigger ones. If they are harmful I’ll get rid of them but I will leave them alone till I hear. It looks like they might be Bagrada hilaris from your site. I am curious if the small red ones are immature versions.

Aggregation of African Painted Bugs

Hi Delbert,
Your identification is absolutely correct, and we would strongly advise you to squash this invasive exotic insect before the immature insects develop and mate and it infests your garden plants in the cabbage family including kale and broccoli.  Bagrada hilaris is a relatively new addition to the list of invasive exotic species that have been reported in California, but they are most prolific and difficult to eradicate.  You can read more about the African Painted Bug on BugGuide as well as numerous other internet sources.

African Painted Bugs

Thank you for your quick response.  I have already eradicated them.  I sprayed the area with 3 different insecticides, and completely dug up the flower bed and sprayed again.  I will keep an eye for them around the house.  I told my brother about them.  He is a specialist in pesticides and fertilizers in the sanjoaqine valley Bakersfield to Fresno.  Works for a major agriculture chemical company there.  He said he would keep an eye for them up there.
Delbert Crawford

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