Green thing eating a fly?
Location:  Guelph, Ontario, Canada
July 25, 2010 4:21 pm
Saw this bug on a walk today. Looks like it’s eating a fly. It’s summer and I live in Ontario Canada.

Ambush Bug eats Flesh Fly

Hi Brittany,
My, this is a beautiful photograph of an Ambush Bug eating a Flesh Fly.  Ambush Bugs in the subfamily Phumatinae (See BugGuide) have recently been downgraded from having their own family status to being considered a subfamily of the Assassin Bugs.  Ambush Bugs wait on flowers to ambush their prey, often insects that pollinate the flowers.  The fly in your photograph looks like a Flesh Fly in the family Sarcophagidae.  Our own Mt. Washington, Los Angeles offices have recently been host to Flesh Flies which seem to enter when the doors are open.  We find several indoors every week.  Flesh Flies maggots feed on rotted meat, be it animal carcasses or putrefied meat from the market.  Adults feed on sweet fluids including nectar (hence the ambush on the blossom), sap and fruit juice.  See BugGuide for more information.

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