Giant Winged Thingy!
Location:  High Falls, New York
July 20, 2010 7:24 pm
Hello Bugman!
Just got back from a Mid-July trip to Upper State New York. This really large winged insect slept on the outside of my hotel window screen all day. I am speculating that it is a giant winged termite, but none of my searches, thus far show one like this.
Any ideas?


Hi Freya,
This is actually a female Dobsonfly, and though we never thought of it before, they do rather resemble giant winged termites.

Thanks! My husband was saying it was a Fishfly, but the antennae and mouthparts in the picture he showed me looked different. Maybe they are related?
Thanks again.
It was cool.

Your husband is not really too far off.  Dobsonflies and Fishflies are closely related since they are in the same family Corydalidae (see BugGuide).  You are quite observant since one of the differentiating characteristics is the antennae.

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  1. what is the bug good for i seen one in columbus indiana

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