Location:  South Central TX
July 19, 2010 11:01 pm
I found these two critters outside on a cherry tomato in my garden last week (around July 15th). I mistook them for giant ants at first, but a couple of days after I captured them, the one on the right shed its skin. I suspect they are some type of seed bug, but I can’t find anything that looks just like them online. They each have a single piercing mouthpart. Each insect is approximately 1/2” long.

Texas Bow-Legged Bugs (nymph and imago)

Hi Elisabeth,
We anticipated a potentially lengthy identification search for your True Bugs, but we quickly stumbled upon the Texas Bow-Legged Bug,
Hyalymenus tarsatus, one of the Broad-Headed Bugs in the family Alydidae on BugGuide.  BugGuide indicates “Immature stages are ant mimics.”  The specimen on the left in your photograph is an immature nymph.  Of the family, Alydidae, BugGuide indicates:  “All phytophagous” and “Many stink worse than stink bugs, Pentatomidae.

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