Long-horned Beetle from China
Location:  Shanghai, China
July 20, 2010 11:31 am
This is a beetle that we saw in a park in the Shanghai, China area in June. From your website, I see it is a long-horned beetle, and by checking a webite you had recommended to someone else, I have narrowed it down to batocera rufomaculata. But, when I do a search for images online, it brings up mostly pictures of insects with some red markings, of which this has none. So, I’m wondering if I have the correct identification?
Linda Walsh

Batocera species

Hi Linda,
We agree with your genus identification of
Batocera, however, when we posted an image of mating beetles in the genus Batocera from China back in 2009, our frequent contributor Karl provided information on the two species that range in China:  “There are several similar looking species in Asia, but as far as I can tell only B. davidis and B. rubus occur in China.”  There is often individual variation in the coloration of insect species.

Batocera species

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  1. kkroeker says:

    Well, it seems I missed at least one Chinese Batocera species the last time around. It looks similar to B. davidis, but I think this one may be B. lineolata. I really like these photos. Regards Karl


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