Small Magpie Moth, top & bottom
Jul 16, 2010
Location:  Edmonds, Washington
Hi Daniel, a few days ago I sent these 2 pics to you asking for ID help (I think I called it a butterfly at that time). I finally got lucky on BugGuide and have identified it as Eurrhypara hortulata, Small Magpie Moth, an alien species in the U.S. from Eurasia. I did not see that you had any pics of this moth so thought I’d resubmit them to you (with the ID this time). Hope they are useful. It is very small but rather a pretty little thing. What amazes me are the spikes on the legs, which I did not notice until I looked at the photos on my computer. I did let the moth go after taking the pictures because I did not know whether it was friend or foe to my organic garden, but didn’t feel good keeping it in the jar too long. I have seen several of these over the past 2 months, in my garden, which is where I caught this moth on July 10th.
By the way, I really like your new format, especially the links across the top instead of having to scroll down and down thru interesting but already-read material. Very nice!
Cheers, Dee

Small Magpie Moth

Hi Dee,
Thanks so much for taking the time to resubmit your images with an identification.  We have been very busy lately and we are intolerably behind in responding to identification requests.  As always, we are only able to answer a small fraction of the mail we receive.  This past week has included several personal and professional commitments that have further impacted our ability to write back to people.  We needed to spend July 15 working on the final pass of the designed pages of the book, and that needed to be submitted by Friday morning.  To further complicate our lives, we bought three young Aracauna hens, seven weeks old, to put in the chicken coop we have been building this summer.  We have been spending time with our chickens when we could be typing on the computer, but somehow, the outdoors is so much more appealing right now.  There might soon be a chicken blog on WTB? as well as the Aquarium blog.  We stumbled across your letter while searching through some backlogged mail because we were trying to locate a letter with a Golden Buprestid subject line that we did not open, and your letter was a pleasant surprise.  We are thrilled to post these images of a Small Magpie Moth,
Eurrhypara hortulata, and we will link to the BugGuide information page on the species.

Small Magpie Moth

P.S.  Thanks for the compliment on the new website format.  Our webmaster has been working overtime making things more efficient.

Small Magpie Moth – and your hens
Daniel, Glad you found the pics of interest.  I know you folks are busy, so I didn’t mind resubmitting, especially since I didn’t need ID help anymore and didn’t want you to waste time when you got around to it.  Congrats on acquiring your chickens…Blue Eggs and Ham??  Now you won’t be the only ones at your house that are interested in bugs… but seriously, that’s really nice.  Our town just this winter okayed letting people keep a few hens, so maybe some day.  If you blog about them, I’ll be interested to follow your experiences.  Cheers, Dee

OK Dee,
I think it is time for the Official WTB? Mt. Washington, Los Angeles Blog with subcategories of aquaria and chickens as well as the few insects I have actually photographed myself on the WTB? website.

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