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Looked like a cross between a…
Location:  Castalia, Ohio 44824
July 18, 2010 8:36 pm
Looked like a cross between a humming bird, a bumble bee and a moth. It was feeding on our flowers and seemed to pay no mind to us. The pix are taken in macro and are quite striking at full zoom. We decided to call it a ”Humble Moth”. It had translucent wings, the body of a Bee, the beak of what could be described as a Humming Bird’s beak, eyes and long antenna of a moth….
What’s that Bug??!!
very Curious

Hummingbird Clearwing

Dear very Curious,
This may be any one of three Sphinx Moths in the genus
Hemaris that range in Ohio.  Our best guess is that this might be the Hummingbird Clearwing, Hemaris thysbe.  You can read more about it on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. What an interesting creature this little thing was. I enjoyed your site and the other you recommended too!
Again, Thank you!

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

4 Responses to Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

  1. Susan says:

    Is it a moth or a hummingbird?

  2. Emily says:

    I have found this in my home state: New Hampshire more up north though all over the place! Didnt know it was classified just thought it was a mistake between a bumblebee and humming bird. Very interesting and they do not seem so bother anyone!

  3. David says:

    Found in my yard in Decatur,Il

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