Golden Buprestid – a real beauty!
July 14, 2010
Hi there,
I figured out what this lovely beetle is from your site, but wanted to share the photo anyway. This Golden Buprestid was in the forest of the Oregon Coast Range and really shone in the sun! (along with the skin on my hand)
Thanks for this great resource.
Chandra L., Eugene, Oregon
near Alsea, Oregon

Golden Buprestid

Hi Chandra,
Your letter arrived as we were working on the final pass of our book pages, and we did not get to post many letters.  We remembered the subject line and we have been searching the unanswered mail to find you letter.  We are happy the photograph is so nice and that our search was worth the effort.  Thanks for sending us your photo of a Golden Buprestid.  We are happy you were able to identify it on our site and thanks for all your compliments.  Now that we have found and posted your letter, we are going out into the garden to care for our new Aracauna hens.

3 Responses to Golden Buprestid

  1. Eric Eaton says:

    One of my favorite beetles! That species is just about the most “exotic” beetle in the Pacific Northwest.

    • bugman says:

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks so much for signing up so you can comment directly. Though I agree that the Golden Buprestid is a gorgeous beetle, I have to say my own favorite west coast beetle is the California Laurel Borer, though sadly, I have never seen a living specimen.
      P.S. Seems you duplicated your comment and I sent one to the trash.

  2. Jennifer Cox says:

    I got the pleasure to see this guy for the first time a few weeks ago near Portland. It was like a shiny sports car.

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