all white grub? Request
Location:  Mid-Peninsula SF Bay Area, CA
July 18, 2010 12:02 pm
This is an update to my ID request from 7/14. I took the bug to our local county Agriculture Dept. and they thought it was a Mole Cricket. I’m doubtful though since it doesn’t look like any picture of a Mole Cricket online and doesn’t have wings. It most resembles a picture you have of the Cottonwood Borer Pupae but my bug was found in the dirt rather than in wood. Anxiously waiting your diagnosis – thanks in advance!

Unknown Beetle Pupa

Dear AW,
We regret that we are unable to classify your creature beyond saying that it is a Beetle Pupa.  Perhaps one of our readers can provide a family classification.

Thank you so much for your response!

Eric Eaton poses a some possibilities.
I can’t be positive from one image alone, but I’m leaning toward either a net-winged beetle (family Lycidae) or a firefly (family Lampyridae).

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