Dearest Bugman
Location:  Delaware Water Gap, PA (Along the riverside)
July 18, 2010 5:45 pm
I saw this along the delaware river about a month ago. Ive been showing everyone the photograph i sent you and no one can figure out even what type of bug it is! (If you can see in the photo it was also mating at the same time, female belly up it looked like) so its not alone and must be full grown. I truly hope you can clear this up, if not, im convinced it is an alien.
Your Friend, Christoph

Newly metamorphosed female Dobsonfly

Hi Christoph,
This is a newly metamorphosed female Dobsonfly, and she is still grasping on to her pupal exuvia, the sloughed off skin that is left behind after metamorphosis.  This is a wonderful documentation for our website.  You should check out some of the numerous images we have posted over the years of Dobsonflies.  Males with their disproportionately large mandibles are truly frightening looking, but perfectly harmless creatures.

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