large moth
July 17, 2010
Location:  Colorado Springs, CO
Hello Bugman,
This large moth was found on a neighbor’s driveway. giant silk moth perhaps?

Black Witch

Dear Executive,
This magnificent male Black Witch,
Ascalapha odorata, is a subtropical and tropical species that has been reported to migrate north for well over a century for unknown reasons.  These migrations were once seasonal, occurring in the fall, but more and more frequently, sightings north of the Mexican border are being reported.  There is some indication that the species is now breeding in the southern parts of the U.S.  There are many interesting myths associated with the Black Witch.  Females of the species are identified by diagonal lighter markings on the wings.  The Black Witch is not a Giant Silkmoth, but rather a member of the enormous superfamily Noctuoidea.

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  1. Aset284 says:

    Hey, I am Westminster CO, right now looking at one of these super cool moths! I think it is a female because it has the pale wing marking that run diagonally across her back about 2/3 of the way down the wing.
    This thing is flipping awesome. How could anyone be afraid of it?

  2. Shelly Pope says:

    I just found one of these on my patio attached to the side of the house. Wing spread measures 7″. We’re in Ft. Collins 2 miles east of I25. No light color so must be male.

  3. Kent Bartle says:

    I live in Longmont, CO and saw one of these male Black Witch moths on the side of my house last night. Its wings were dark brown and pretty tattered compared to the other pix I have seen, so it has probably had a long, rough life. Maybe they are migrating further North? I hope so, it was awesome!

  4. AnneMarie Miller says:

    just found one on my house. I live in Ellicott, CO which is about 20 miles east of Colorado Springs. I have a pic if you want it.

  5. J Junig says:

    Just found a Black Witch Moth on the wall of our house, in Eastern Wisconsin. Definitely out of it’s normal range… looks a bit beaten up, so it may have blown in on a storm.

  6. Pama says:

    We found one in our garage yesterday. We live east of Greeley. I will send picture to the link.

  7. Laura Mawdsley says:

    These incredible moths must be making the rounds of Colorado. We live in Palmer Lake, CO which is a few miles north-west of Colorado Springs. We have one hanging by the eave of our house’s west wall. At first I thought it was a bat because of the coloring and the size. I can’t get a good pic with my camera, but my binoculars show the coloring of a male. What fun!

  8. Gary McDonald says:

    One of these was banging against the kitchen window last night trying to get in. Thought it was a bat at first. Littleton CO

  9. Kat says:

    My son just spotted a male Black Witch moth on our front porch in Anaheim, CA. It’s 8″ across. I wish I knew how to post a photo here.

  10. Cameron case says:

    We think we spotted one in Kailua Kona. Hi this evening

  11. Lisa Lingo says:

    I found this moth in my house. It certainly is huge. I am from Trinidad in the West Indies..

  12. Lennie Randall says:

    Just found one last nite in Gilroy, Ca., a male black witch

  13. Kimberly I. Montgomery says:

    I have one on the inside of my garage door tonight in Fort Walton Beach, FL

  14. Stephanie Marie Martin says:

    I just found one outside of my apartment it was huge never have I seen something this big I was a bit freaked out over at first but I did manage to get pictures how do I post them?

  15. Stephanie Marie Martin says:

    Sorry I live in Pueblo CO on the Northside right off of I-25

  16. Bob S says:

    Found two Black Witch moth’s in central Denver last night in our closet and this morning a second in the garage. Do they usually fly in pairs? Stunning wing span and coloring, it was late at night so we simply used a shop vac to remove it from the house and release it into the air this morning.

  17. Bruce says:

    Spotted a male one of these on our porch in Colorado Springs this evening. Very fun to look at.

  18. Michelle says:

    One flew into my neighbors kitchen over the weekend- Jamestown, CO

  19. Jimmy Blaszkiewicz says:

    Found in the JW Marriott in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Two males at least, and both over 7 inch wingspan.

  20. Levi Batchelor says:

    Found one in sterling colorado

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