Black Widows
July 16, 2010
Location:  Tx & Ar
I’m wondering if there is a season for Black Widows, the first pic I’m attaching is from Heartland, TX (SE of Dallas) 7/3/2010 & the second is from Little Rock, AR 7/16/2010, just seems to be that we’re seeing a more than usual. I say that but I’ve never seen one before a couple of weeks ago!
Thanks, Lisa

Black Widow

Hi Lisa,
In warmer climates, Black Widows can be found year round, but sightings will probably be more common during the warmer months when the spiders are more active.  Mature females will probably be most common toward the end of summer and into autumn.  The specimen for Arkansas is not mature.  The coloration of a mature spider does not contain the red markings on the dorsal surface.  Though these sightings were in southern states, we believe both are the Northern Black Widow,
Latrodectus variolus.  Your photo of  the immature specimen matches an image of the Northern Black Widow posted to BugGuide.

Immature Black Widow

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  1. azgardenguy says:

    What a great image on that first widow! I just spotted a large one myself last night in the garden. She was eating a cricket when I saw her. Today I found a web near a hose bib. Arizona is said to have more than usual right now, not sure myself, but two inst that bad 😉

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