black and white striped bug
July 14, 2010
I found this bug located against the side of a building in Downtown Vancouver and had never seen it before. It has been there for two days in the same location and only moved up or down the wall. It is currently summer and warm between 15C and 23C.
Curious in Vancouver
Vancouver, BC Canada

Banded Alder Borer

Hi Curious,
The Banded Alder Borer,
Rosalia funebris, ranges from Alaska to California on the west coast, and in California is is also known as the California Laurel Borer.

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  1. Donna L Major says:

    I also found a bug with this same exact markings I live in Roseburg Oregon. I was just curious what do these insect eat? Because I’m sure hoping it’s not my flowers!

    • bugman says:

      According to BugGuide: “Larvae feed in dead hardwood trees: maple, alder, oak, willow, etc” and there is no information on adult feeding habits, indicating they are probably unknown. If the adults ate cultivated plants, there would surely be notice of that. In our mind, your flowers are safe.

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