bug found in the mens washroom at work
July 13, 2010
Hello – a very silly request so I apologize in advance – but there’s a fly in one of our washrooms here at work that i’ve never seen before. Googling does not get me the results I hope for.
Bored at work
Toronto, Canada – 6th floor

Bathroom Fly

Dear Bored at work,
We wondered if perhaps the problem you had identifying this Bathroom Fly (yes that is its name) had anything to do with the semantics of the word “washroom” as opposed to bathroom, so we did a search of “fly” and “washroom”.  On the first page of possibilities was a website with an image of your creature.  Bathroom Flies in the subfamily Psychodinae are also known as Moth Flies, Drain Flies, Sewage Flies or Filth Flies according to BugGuide.

3 Responses to Bathroom Fly in Canada

  1. I actually think it is some sort of moth…

  2. they do look just like tiny, round-winged moths.

  3. Chong Cloudy says:

    Bathroom fly is resistance to insecticide. It is also carrier for the disease called klebseiella. Only a combination of antibiotic klassid and xylid can cure it by taking over a period of over two to three months. As bad ad tuberculosis. It is sometimes called second TB. Pstch all holes in the bathroom and keep it clean.

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