Sparkly Green, White, and Orange ….. Weevil?
July 11, 2010
I was vacuuming upstairs and saw a piece of “paper” on the ground and went to pick it up and it turned out to be some weird pale sparkly green and orange bug thats about 1.5 cm long…. think its a weevil, but really have no idea
Sacramento, CA

Probably Golden Headed Weevil

Dear Adah,
This sure looks to us like a Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil,
Polydrusus sericeus, an invasive species that BugGuide describes as being found in : “northeastern United States and from New Brunswick to Ontario  introduced from Europe, where it is widespread.”  BugGuide reports no sighting from California.  You may want to inform your local department of Agriculture office.

Thank you for responding so promptly
But as i was looking at pictures of immigrant weevils online i noticed that their shell is spriped with strait lines and this one has alternating green and white lines and an orange head with green legs. I was wondering if that type of weevil could look so much different.  Also my mom just recieved some flowers from a florist in Hawaii…. so I’m not sure if that has any relation, but I wasn’t sure. thanks for your time

Perhaps one of our readers will provide information confirming this Weevils identity.

Ed. Note: Karl sent in a comment with a theory that this might be a Golden Headed Weevil, Compsus auricephalus, which is profiled on BugGuide where it is listed as a “pest of citrus.”


Location: Sacramento, California

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  1. kkroeker says:

    I think it could be a Golden Headed Weevil (Compsus auricephalus). The species comes in a range of color variations (green to off-white, or striped), but the head color is distinctive. The Bugguide has a good selection of photos that shows some of the variety. (

  2. Brian H. Reily says:

    Oxyderces viridipes (Boheman, 1840)

    Lots of recent records of this Colombian species across the USA on iNaturalist. Seems to be being brought in with cut flowers.

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