I hope this is a good beetle because I let go.
July 10, 2010
I found this little fellow in the grass in my front yard. I live in Glen Burnie, Maryland. We’ve been having record breaking heat, 100º plus, and this guy was on the move. I brought it inside to photograph. The dime is for size reference and the background is grey.
Mike Rocus
Glen Burnie, Maryland, U.S.A

Green June Beetle

Hi Mike,
Your beetle is a Green June Beetle,
Cotinis nitida.  According to BugGuide, the diet of the Green June beetle is:  “Adults: Pollen; ripening fruits, especially peaches; and the fruit and leaves of many shrubs.   Larvae: roots of many plants including: grasses, alfalfa, vegetables, tobacco, and ornamental plants.” BugGuide also indicates:  “The larvae may be considered pests because they destroy the roots of valuable plants.

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