July 9, 2010
Yesterday I noticed a huge clutch of new eggs that Lefty and Digitalis laid on the filter intake tube.  The filter is not on.  The last eggs were laid 16 days earlier on June 22.  Yesterday I bought a cheap 10 gallon aquarium and a new heater.  I set it up last night and caught 4 fry and moved them into the new tank to make sure they would live.  I then caught 15 more and added them this morning.  I just caught 21 additional fry and they are acclimating to the temperature change.  40 fry have been removed from the aquarium with the parents and new eggs, and there are still some fry remaining and needing to be relocated.  Though the parents did not show any signs of wanting to eat their older fry to defend the new eggs, I do not want to take the chance.  The fry that disappeared when I was away, and the speculation is that the parents ate them to prevent them from eating the new eggs, were older and larger.  Perhaps these current fry are not a threat to the new eggs.

I caught 6 more fry for relocation.  Total 46

I caught 17 more fry for relocation.  Total 63.  There are at least 21 remaining.

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