Giant Texas Red-Headed Centipede
July 9, 2010
Just thought you would enjoy this pic.  This is an older picture (2008 or so), shot by my ex-boyfriend, from a house we lived in that was never sprayed with chemical insecticides.  We didn’t believe in them, and luckily neither did our landlady, so we had a menagerie of critters.  No real bug problems though–they left us alone and stayed outside for the most part.  We had a family of these under the house as well as a family of tarantulas.  I had never heard of them prior to seeing this one, and we originally thought it was a snake.  Impressive guy!  From what I hear they hurt like hell though if they walk across you.  We never got much closer than this.  Wish I could find another property manager that would leave the land alone.  Most people would think I was crazy, but it was fun to have so much rare wildlife right in our back yard.
Austin, Texas

Giant Red Headed Centipede

Hi Laura,
Thanks for sending us your photo of a Giant Red Headed Centipede,
Scolopendra heros, a magnificent creature.  Most of our reports are from Texas and Oklahoma.

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  1. Shari says:

    There are bugs living in the ground around my house. They are very strange. Their heads are brown and their bodies are black. They are afraid of light but I have a picture. I live in Florida. Can you help me identify them? Please.

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