LIme Hawk Moth
July 7, 2010
We found this moth Sat, July 3, inside my house. Photographed it and have the speciman. Have not seen any others. Saw your postings from last year, and thought it might be interesting to you.
Flint Hill, VA

Pandora Sphinx

Hi Joyce,
We have gotten several emails inquiring if a native Pandora Sphinx,
Eumorpha pandorus, like the one in your photo might be a nonnative Lime Hawk Moth.  The coloration of the two species is similar, but the markings are quite different.  You can read more about the Pandora Sphinx on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website, and you can see our own report of a Lime Hawkmoth in Pennsylvania from last year.  We suspect that APHIS is also getting emails from our readership, because the following request just came our way.

UPDATE FROM APHIS: Procedure for alerting APHIS about new pests
July 8, 2010
Hi Daniel,
I think there has been some confusion  as to the correct procedure of alerting APHIS to potential invasive pests.  I know Stephanie Dubon asked you to contact her in the past, but she no longer works for the USDA.  Right now the best thing for people to do is to try and get the actual specimen and submit it to their state department of agriculture or to contact their county extension agency. They will then send the specimen on to APHIS.
Is it possible to remove Stephanie Dubon’s contact information from your website?  (See Lime Hawk Moth in PA postings).  We really appreciate the vigilance of everyone out there looking for potential invasive pests,  but unfortunately, there is very little we can do in our office.  Stephanie’s position was not filled and so there is no one to handle these kinds of emails anymore.  By far, the best thing to do, as I mentioned, is to go through the proper channels (i.e., through the state departments of agriculture and/or the county extension offices).
Thank you for your consideration.  We just don’t want people to become frustrated waiting for a response.
The New Pest Advisory Group

Thanks so much for the correct ID, guess I just could not find it in my books, so went on line and only found the Lime HM, not the Pandora Sphinx.  And though it was different, it seemed to be the closest. I really appreciate your site and the ability to get a correct ID for us out in the field.

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