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Huge Roach-like bug; Large eyes
July 8, 2010
Hello. I found this very large bug slowly working it’s way down the hallway of our building, in Tampa FL.
It seems to be slowly dying, or maybe just really sleepy, as it is not moving very much, and only slowly when startled.
It looks like a roach in shape, but it has large eyes, and a pointed nose(?) that goes down it’s underside, and no antennea. Unless they broke off before I saw them. It also has very large front legs. The back legs are wide and flat. It is brown/green in color, with stripes on it’s underside. It’s so big I can actually see when it takes a breath. It measures 2.5″ in length.
Please let me know what you think this bug is.
Thank you for your time!
Tampa, FL


Just posted bug for ID, but found it in UC
July 8, 2010
Hello again,
I just sent you some pic’s of a large roach like bug with large eyes. In fact, I think the subject line was very close to that…
Anyway, after submitting my bug, I happened to look at your Unnecessary Carnage page, and happened upon the same bug I found. It turned out to be a Giant Water Bug (Belostomatidae).
The reason I am writing you back is to inform you that after I found out what he was, I proceded to take him outside to the run-off ditch, and put him in the water. He definitely perked up after that! I also noticed the over-abundance of tadpoles that were swimming around in the ditch, and have no doubt he’ll be feasting on some of them in due time.
No unnecessary carnage here today!
Keep up the great work!


Hi Steve,
Were it not for your wonderful followup report, we probably would have just provided you with an answer and not posted your letter.  Thanks for taking the time to research your Giant Water Bug.  They are quite clumsy on land, but in the air or in water they are quite streamlined.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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