tiger bee fly
July 6, 2010
Hi I came on here tonight just to browse and i remembered i have a pic of a odd looking fly that landed on my sweater last summer in early september. Everyone kept telling me it was some sort of horse fly or deer fly. i didnt think so. it seemed as though he/she just needed a wee rest and just sat there. I ran in the house got a camera and he/she did a bunch of posing for me and then flew away. I uploaded it to the pc and swiftly forgot about it till now. Looking on here i found out that it is a beautiful tiger bee fly. thank you for such a wonderful site my children and i come here often!
P.S. I hope you dont mind another photo of one
another mystery solved
sarnia, ontario

Tiger Bee Fly

Thanks for sending us your photo of a Tiger Bee Fly, Xenox tigrinus.  We like hearing from people who use our site and other insect identification websites like BugGuide to correctly identify the mysteries that are perplexing them.

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