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Giant Garage Spiders!!
July 6, 2010
Ok. There are giant spiders (at least, giant according to my standards) that I find from time to time in my garage. Now, I keep killing them (I know, bug fanatics probably don’t like the idea of that) but they just keep coming back! Of the three I’ve found, two have been inside the garage itself and the third was in the hall way just inside the garage door. All of the sightings have been at night. I live in Houston, Texas (so southeast Texas) and while I’ve seen spiders they’ve always been tiny…NOTHING ever this big. Also, one time when I went after one with a flip-flop, I went to “strike” and it kind of hopped out of the way which leads me to believe they can jump (which also scares me). While I am not a fan of bugs in general there are two that I’m particula rly NOT a fan of: spiders and i can’t even say the other one’s name b/c it gives me chills but i’ll say it rhymes with coach.
Now, I know some spiders can be quite poisonous and I just want to know if these are dangerous?
Houston, Texas – Southeast Texas

Rabid Wolf Spider

Hi Joseph,
This is a harmless Wolf Spider, and we are nearly certain it is the Rabid Wolf Spider,
Rabidosa rabida, a species that is profiled on BugGuide.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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16 Responses to Rabid Wolf Spider

  1. love the idea that something called a rabid wolf spider could be harmless! (By the way I also am totally creeped out by wolf spiders and always carefully check my bed, tub, and clothes when I stay in my aunt’s infested basement in MD)

  2. A spider a day will keep the witch doctor away…lol

  3. alphillious says:

    A spider a day makes you go ‘holy mother of’

  4. ryan says:

    If you hate the other bugs you mentioned the ones that rhyme with coach (lol) theses spiders eat other spiders and those bugs they are not poisonous and are very aggressive towards large creatures like humans.

  5. Samantha says:

    I had a rude awakening with these the first time I move to the country. When we first moved in I left my boxes in the garage so when I brought them in the house, I was surprised by these spiders in my shoes. Fortunately , that was my fault and has not happend since. They do jump and do not use webs. They hang out in garages and doorways so they can jump and attack the other bugs trying to get in the house. I refuse to go close enough to squish one so I always keep a five gallon spray of raid to kill them when I see them. If you are against chemicals. Real peppermint oil will help keep them away. Soak ur windows and doors with the mint ( I use it as a spray while other just put drops everywhere ). This will at least help to keep them outside. I find two in my garage nearly everyday after work so I prefer a combination of both chemicals and mint spray .

  6. Ed Ricketts says:

    one of these things were in my pants this morning and YEOWCH does their bite hurt. it left a little welt, but i’m relieved to hear that they’re harmless. but i assure you, check your pants for spiders, expecially the ones that don’t build webs… they’re the ones that hide in things like this spider does.

  7. Kathy says:

    Ahh I just saw a huge one on my porch nice to know there harmless but I think I won’t be letting my girls play outside for a few weeks.. They are huge to me too a lil bit bigger than a hlf dollar

  8. Sondra says:

    I had to kill 2 within a week in my house. On the kitchen counter, and then my daughters bathroom. They were almost as big as the tarantulas in west Texas. Time to call the exterminator and get the yard sprayed.

  9. Lisa says:

    I moved to a home in Siloam Springs Arkansasvand these spiders are taking over. I was told to use sticky pads to catch spiders. I find around 50 spiders a day. I have a picture of the largest found. I do not know what they are. I do not want to kill them if they are not poisonous. I do not like to kill anything, It breaks my heart.

  10. Joseph says:

    I feel really bad now, I walked out onto my back porch and was freaking out about the size of this spider. So I sprayed the heck out of it with raid spider killer,it struggled for a few minutes. It finally died and I thought I was doing justice but now that I know they actually are harmless and kill other spiders , I feel bad. RIP spider.

    • bugman says:

      Don’t fret about your uninformed actions. We are thankful our site has changed your potential reaction regarding further encounters with beneficial spiders.

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