Huge Fly
July 5, 2010
This really, really big fly was sitting on a leaf and sat still while I got a close shot (I was taking pics of a butterfly when I saw him). We live in Delaware and I have seen these large flies around and they scare the bjesus outta me. I have searched with no success….any clue?
Kent County, Delaware

Horse Fly

Hi Janis,
This is a Horse Fly, and though Horse Flies are known to bite animals and humans, you have nothing to fear from this individual.  Only female Horse Flies are blood suckers.  The male Horse Flies do not bite.  The males can be identified by the structure of the eyes.  The two compound eyes of the male Horse Flies have no space between them while the eyes of the females have a separation.  We believe, based on photos posted to BugGuide, that this might be
Tabanus abdominalis, though an expert in Horse Flies might be required to give a conclusive species identification.

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  1. kala says:

    hi I was at the beach and a min later I saw lot of flies and when they got closer I started to get scared and then they started to bit I don’t know what
    it was I think it was a female horse flies but they looked super mad I don’t know what it is and I fear it poisons or something worse because I don’t want my family and dog in danger please help me

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