Bug Love – Mating Damselflies
July 3, 2010
Got a nice photo of these mating Southern Spreadwings (Lestes australis) while floating down the Guadalupe River outside of Boerne, Texas, in early June. Just thought we’d share. Enjoy!
Melvis & Laugh
Kendall County, TX

Mating Dusky Dancers

Hi again Melvis & Laugh,
We are more than happy to post your photo of Southern Spreadwings embracing, but if we want to be totally accurate, they are not yet mating.  The male has grasped the female using his anal claspers, but the female has not yet assumed the mating wheel or heart position by curling her abdomen around to accept the male sperm.

August 16, 2010
We just received a comment identifying this pair as Dusky Dancers, and the images
on BugGuide support that correction.  This description on BugGuide also indicates the correction is accurate: “Very dark, male is black with blue rings on abdomen. Eyes violet

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  1. RenaudB says:

    Good morning,

    If I may add a correction, this is not a Spreadwings (Lestidae)(body shape, attitude etc.. doesn’t fit), it is rather a Coenagrionidae, most likely the Dusky Dancer (Argia translata).

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