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BIG Texas Phasmid – Megaphasma?
July 3, 2010
I submitted some blurry pictures the other day, but she is still in the neighborhood, and she’s so pretty, I just had to take some better snaps to share her. She is 6 inches from head to tail, closer to 12 with the legs. Her coloration doesn’t match the Megaphasmae on BugGuide, she’s much more drab than the red and green monsters I’ve seen before. But her antenna arrangement does look like one of the Diapheromeridae, and at that size and heft, what else could she be in Central Texas? She really is gorgeous and very tolerant of me sticking my camera in her face. I hope you enjoy the sharper photos!
Melvis & Laugh
San Antonio, TX

Giant Walking Stick

Dear Melvis & Laugh,
We are happy to post your photo of a Giant Walking Stick, Megaphasma dentricrus.  We decided to link to BugGuide, and we found you had already posted your photo there.  Linking to BugGuide does bring up one interesting question for us.  This species is classified in the order Phasmida, the Walkingsticks, yet the common name for the species uses a noun and modifier rather than the compound word.  We are curious why this species is commonly called a Walking Stick rather than a Walkingstick.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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