spider ate the cicada
July 2, 2010
i saw the carnage link and i think this might interest you. my husband took this picture. one day he was in our farm, he heard a cicada doing its loud sound nearby. suddenly it stopped like it got squashed. he was sure he didn’t step on it so he looked around and saw this! he found this spider (smaller than the cicada!) biting the cicada’s head! and it won’t let go. i don’t know the exact id on both insects but it sure is fascinating. poor cicada. amazing spider. 🙂
found in our farm in northern mindanao (south of the Philippines)

Jumping Spider feasts on Cicada

Hi Joy,
First we must make a point of clarification.  Our Unnecessary Carnage pages are devoted to creatures whose untimely demises are directly related to human intervention.  We also have a Food Chain tag that is devoted to the web of life on our planet, and that is where your awesome photo will be archived.  Though we do not know the species, the spider is a Jumping Spider in the family Salticidae.

oops! i missed that tag and i dropped the “unnecessary”. 😛 sorry about that. i was too excited to share the picture. glad it’s worthy to be posted. hehe…
i have another huge insect that we found dead but i’m not sure what killed it… it looked like something with fangs bit it… may i post that under this tag? anyway I’ll send it and you’d know better 🙂
thanks for the info on the spider.

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