Pennyslvania Leatherwings on a Daisy
June 30, 2010
Before I post these pics for my friends to view, I was hoping to get some insight to see if I am right on the identification of these beetles. I took this picture a few weeks ago on a fishing trip and have since identified these two beetles as Pennsylvania Leatherwings (Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus), please correct me if I am wrong. But the other beetle in the second photo has me stumped. At first appearance to someone who is uninterested, it would appear the same. But I have been searching to identify this other beetle and have not done so yet. I was wondering if you could help me out with its identification. It was on the daisy right next to the daisy that the Pennsylvania Leatherwings were on. Thanks so much for your time and everything that you do…you have an awesome website!
Justin Stair of Nigh Wolf Lofts & Aquatic Wilds
Southern Pennsylvania

Mating Margined Leatherwings

Hi Justin,
Your identification is so close, but no cigar.  It is a few months early in the season for Pennsylvania Leatherwings, also known as Goldenrod Soldier Beetles.  They are active from late August to October, when the goldenrod is in bloom.  All of your beetles are the closely related Margined Leatherwings,
Chauliognathus marginatus. According to BugGuide, the Margined Leatherwing is:  “Very similar to C. pennsylvanicus, but pronotum has wide dark band, instead of an irregular dark spot. Elytra of C. marginatus often more extensively dark than pennsylvanicus. C. marginatus is also somewhat smaller and is active earlier in summer than C. pennsylvanicus.

Margined Leatherwing: dark morph

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