Red and yellow body, yellow hind legs. Cricket? Grasshopper?
June 30, 2010
Found this little guy on the island in my kitchen tonight. (I live in North Carolina, USA.) Never seen one, despite the variety of insect life wandering the woods behind our house–and coming inside. It’s probably only 1/2″ long or so. Not very big. I thought the coloring was unusual. I apologize that it’s not a better photo. So far I haven’t managed to do anything but trap him in a cup, so I may be able to get a better one when I get brave and convince myself it’s not an alien that will grow epically at midnight and eat me in my sleep.
North Carolina

Handsome Trig

Hi Ruth,
This is the lovely Red Headed Bush Cricket,
Phyllopalpus pulchellus, though we prefer the other common name, the Handsome Trig.  You can see additional images of the Handsome Trig by visiting BugGuide.

3 Responses to Handsome Trig

  1. mdikdan says:

    Is there such thing as an ‘ugly trig’ or a Black trig?

    I’ve noticed a few little bugs that look a lot like this one except they’re pitch black crawling around in many places in my city (Maracaibo, Venezuela).

  2. Beth says:

    I have alot of these sometimes 3 or more at a time running on the wood railing on the deck. Do they bite?

  3. Beth says:

    Btw.. Have found this bug crawling up and down my wood railing on my deck sometimes 3 or more at a time! with about mile away from river. I’m in CT. Do they bite or harm?

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