found in my garden
June 29, 2010
this was found in my garden in manchester yesterdaybut i dont think its native to britain could you help me with identification?
Kevin loch

Elephant Hawkmoth

Hi Kevin,
There are two species of Elephant Hawkmoths in the genus Deilephila that are native to the UK.  We believe your individual may be Deilephila elpenor, which is profiled on the UK Moths website.  The caterpillars burrow underground to pupate.  Adults emerge and must dig to the surface before their wings harden and dry.  Your individual is newly metamorphosed and its wings have not yet expanded and hardened for flight.

Thanks for the prompt reply, after doing a little more research and watching it for a little while longer i discovered that it was an elephant hawk moth once its wings had dried and i now feel quite priviledged to have watch it take its first flight!

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  1. mardikavana says:

    Actually some larvae (very few) don’t go underground to pupate but stay on the surface. I have observed this behavior in Deilephila elpenor when I reared one larvae.

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