Are you able to identify this butterfly or moth?
June 28, 2010
I took this picture just before noon, on a warm June 22. I have never seen anything like him before and can’t find him in any of my butterfly or moth books nor on any sites for local creatures. He just floated into the yard and landed in a weed patch I was just about to turn into a herb garden. Thank you so much.
Linda Hicks
Duncan, British Columbia (southern Vancouver Island)

Cinnabar Moth

Hi Linda,
We suspect the reason you could not identify this Cinnabar Moth, Tyria jacobaeae, is because it is not a native species.  According to BugGuide, it was:  “
Introduced from Europe as a control for introduced weedy Ragwort, the host plant for its caterpillars, which is toxic to livestock.

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