Black/yellow beetle w/ long antennae
June 26, 2010
Found this one running around on the ground and on a tree in the woods in central MO, very active (couldn’t get a good shot because he wouldn’t stop moving!).
I’ve trawled and can’t seem to get any closer than “Cottonwood Borer” or “Longhorn Beetle”, neither of which seem like a match. Can you help?
Love this site, I’m going to add a link to my blog (“Mycologista”).
Boone County, Missouri

Six Banded Longhorn

Dear Mycologista,
Thanks for the compliment.  You had classified this beautiful beetle into the correct family Cerambycidae, but that is a large family to sort through even on a site as comprehensive as BugGuide.  Your beetle is a Six Banded Longhorn, Dryobius sexnotatus, and according to BugGuide, it is:  “
Uncommon and listed as rare and endangered on several websites.

No way! Cool (well, not cool that it is endangered, but cool that I got to see one)!

Location: Boone County, Missouri

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  1. Rose says:

    does anyone know why it is endangered

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