Amazing green beetle in Illinois
June 16, 2010
I found this beetle hiding under my daughter’s plastic playset. I captured it and took photos, while attempting to keep the cat from snatching it. To be honest, it was so huge and had such prominent pinchers, I was more worried for the cat than the beetle.
It’s June and sunny out – about 80 degrees. We have a lush garden.
It seemed to be at least .75″ wide by 1″ long…
Even though I turned him loose (after shooing away the Cat), I’ve been wondering all day if I found something Amazing….
Near Chicago Illinois

Fiery Searcher

Dear TolerantOfBugs,
This spectacular Ground Beetle is a Caterpillar Hunter known as a Fiery Searcher, Calosoma scrutator.  It may give a painful nip if carelessly handled.  The Fiery Searcher is an important predator that helps keeping the population of caterpillars in check.

Fiery Searcher

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  1. stevi says:

    I found one downtown! Just chillin near a window scared me half to death! 🙁 poor beatle though my friend stomped on im :'(
    But what on earth was he doing in the middle of the City downtown Chicago?? I thought Fiery Searchers stay in areas that have more grass and rocks and dirt ect.
    Also I seen it around the end of summer 2013

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