Bot Fly?
June 15, 2010
Hi. I believe I’ve caught a Bot Fly in my house. It buzzes loudly. It’s approximately 3/4″ long. I’m curious!!!
Thanks, Barb
Orange, VA

Bot Fly

Hi Barb,
Your identification of a Bot Fly in the genus Cuterebra is correct.  We must congratulate you on the time and effort you put into trying to identify this unusual creature that has such an interesting life cycle.  We just utilized a similar catch and photograph (and hopefully release) technique with a Flesh Fly found in our own offices.  The best way to remove an insect from the home without handling it directly and without harming it is to use a glass to capture it, and then slipping a postcard under the glass.  The creature may then be photographed and released, or just released.

Bot Fly

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  1. equalrights4parasites says:

    Hi Barb,
    This is a female Cuterebra fontinella, a botfly which uses white footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus, as the host mammal. It is one of the most abundant bots in the east. Adults are not seen often because they only live for about 10 days as they have no mouth parts so they die when they run out of fat reserves. Glad you had the shot of the rear as the fontinella group has white or yellowish hairs on the rump which help in ID. Great find.
    Jeff Boettner

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