pseudoscorprion vs dipteran
June 22, 2010
I discovered these two guys going at on my bathroom counter while brushing my teeth. The fly kept taking off with the psuedoscorpion attached, but not getting very far and landing back on the counter. They did this a few times and every time they landed I took another photo. I never witnessed the endgame. My money’s on the fly ultimately escaping with 5 legs.
Greenwood IN

Phoresy with Pseudoscorpion and Fly

Hi Tony,
The first time we received an image of a Pseudoscorpion attached to the antennae of a Cerambycid Beetle, we were in awe at the ambitiousness of the tiny Pseudoscorpion’s hunting prowess, but Eric Eaton informed us that this was Phoresy in action.  Since then, we have received numerous Phoresy images.  Some creatures like Pseudoscorpions and Mites use other insects, especially winged ones, for transportation purposes.  We believe that is what is going on in this series of photos.  We will try to get an ID on your fly.

Phoresy: Pseudoscorpion attempts to fly with Fly

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