June 23, 2010
I told my 11 year old daughter that you wanted pictures of fireflies, so she went and caught these for you. Not certain that all 3 pictured are the same species, as we have ones that blink once, ones that blink three times in a row, ones that blink way up in trees (did not catch this), ones that only blink while diving.
The ones marked female were found in the grass, the one marked male (missing a leg, poor thing) was flying, otherwise I have no idea how to tell the sexes apart.
central New Jersey

Lightning Bug

Hi Sara,
Thanks so much for sending your photos.  We are not very good at identifying the different species of Fireflies ourselves.  We also witnessed two distinct flash patterns.  The Fireflies that appeared earlier in the evening had a yellower light and there was a lengthy flash while flying, often with a diving action.  The second distinct patter we witnessed was a series of blinks, at least 4 or 5, spaced about a second apart, and covering a distance while flying.  This flash was a brighter whiter color and these Fireflies appeared later in the evening.  As a child, we called Fireflies Lightning Bugs, probably because they appeared before a storm.

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