June 20, 2010
Are there ANY pics or drawings of no-see-ums, to help me ID the miniscule critter I caught? (approx. size = the comma (,) or a 0.5mm pencil tip) It’s greenish, w/black dots @ head, mid, & rear. Distorted features – Hairy (or has
centipede legs). “Antenae” front and rear. Two jumping legs? Too small to
photograph. Hope the drawing helps!
Billy Wade
Scotch Tape (DUH!) Houston, Texas

Drawing of a Springtail perhaps

Hi Billy,
We get the biggest thrill out of some letters, and your letter is one of those.  We actually believe this is not a No-See-Um, but a Springtail.  You can compare your drawing to a No-See-Um image at the Great Salt Lake Marina website , and to this drawing of a Springtail by Gina Mikel commissioned by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  We believe you may agree that you drew a Springtail which is thought to be the most common arthropod on the planet.  Tom Pelletier of the Curious Nature website writes:  “It has been estimated that there are as many as 3 trillion springtails in a single acre of temperate forest.

P.S.  If we do a 2010 Calendar, we would like to use your image and letter.

Probably Springtail

“Billy Wade and the Springtails” – Live, One Night Only!
July 5, 2010
Dear Daniel,
I’m thrilled you’re thrilled! Yes; you may use my comments, letters, drawings, and pictures,
in any manner you see fit. And I’ll be watching and waiting for you to put that calendar out.
I think the “WTB” website is the greatest, and have told darn near everyone in Houston to
check it out! When I looked up springtails on WTB, I found, on page three, a picture from
Suzanne, posted: 09 October 2005, that is the spitting image of the critter that I drew up.
I compared the attached pictures. And?… I  HAVE  SPRINGTAILS! I can feel them hitting
my legs right now under my desk! Thank you, Tom Pelletier, for that “golden nugget” of
information, “..estimates of, as many as 3 trillion springtails per acre of temperate forest.”
Are you kidding me? The Houston, Texas area commonly has: 90 degree + temperatures,
90% + chance of rain, 90% + humidity, and, 90 + (thousand?) acres of temperate forests.
Multiplying numbers that big makes me feel very insignificant and…itchy!
Bug Update:
Since visiting, I haven’t swatted, stomped, or squashed any of the bugs
that are now on or in: Tape, jars, lids, shot glasses, bags, caps, cups, plates, bowls,
counters, tables, desks, and, in the freezer! I’m hooked! My girlfriend HATES it, and
won’t eat here anymore! I should get her something nice. Maybe a calendar….
“New Bugger”
Billy Wade

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