Orange Tiger Striped Spider
June 23, 2010
This was the coolest looking spider I could hardly see. He was barely 1/4 of an inch long, and looked as though he was ready to pounce upon me. I looked at him, He looked back, so I got my camera, and found him once again on my porch.
He rared his abdomen up at an angle, then he started “twirling” it around right before he jumped.. He could jump about 8 inches in one leap, and was very very fast when he ran. I did not notice his tiger stripes until I looked at the photographs. I tried to get a nice macro shot, but he just didn’t want to wait till I adjusted my shutter speed…
Each time I would go in for a shot, he would wiggle his butt, then jump off to the left or right. He tried to go under an object, I carefully moves it off from him, and so the showdown began.
Date of the picture is 6/23/10
Lexington, NC

Antmimic Spider

Hi Rick,
Using BugGuide, we quickly identified your spider as Castianeira amoena, a species in the family Corinnidae, commonly called Antmimic Spiders or Ground Sac Spiders.

Location: Lexington, North Carolina

2 Responses to Ant Mimic Spider

  1. Oscar says:

    Do they bite?

  2. Dr. Malcolm Braid says:

    Most all spiders bite, but are usually not dangerous. They can be painful. A small jumping spider bit me long ago, but I still remember that it felt like a wasp sting.
    You likely know the very dangerous widows of which there are several, and the brown recluse or violin spider.

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