Pink Spotted Hawkmoth?
June 13, 2010
Hello Bugman: What a great site! This morning I found this large moth resting on my screen door June 13, 2010, at my lake home in northwestern Illinois. I spent a lot of time on the Internet today trying to identify him and it was harder given I didn’t spread his wings (I’m a little squeamish about moths) (too much Silence of the Lambs). Can you tell me for sure what this guy is?
Thanks, Diana R., Davis, Illinois
South facing screen door, Lake Summerset, Davis, Illinois 61019

Pink Spotted Hawkmoth

Hi Diana,
Congratulations on properly identifying this Pink Spotted Hawkmoth, Agrius cingulata.  That is no small feat considering that its signature coloration is hidden.  Readers who want to see the lovely pink spotting on the abdomen and the pink stripes on the underwings can see this moth on Bill Oehlke’s excellent website.  We are postdating this letter to go live in our absence from the office over the next week.

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