What is this bug?
June 14, 2010
This guy has been around the yard a couple times now. Pretty good size, maybe 1-1/2″ or so, jet black except for an orange band around it’s abdomen.
Thanks, Ben Hanson
Port Charlotte Florida

Mydas Fly

Hi Ben,
We received an email from you on May 21, and we posted your photo of a Mydas Fly.  This is another view of the same species of Mydas Fly, Mydas clavatus.  We apologize if we did not write back to you directly, but your previous letter has been on our site since then.  We are postdating this letter to post live to our site during our absence in the coming week so that our readership will continue to get daily updates.

Thanks so much for the reply and information! I might have missed an earlier reply…
Thank you people for what you do. Your site and Facebook page is very highly entertaining and informative!

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