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Bug ID Please
June 13, 2010
I work at the Conservancy on Bald Head Island (a Barrier Island off the coast of NC) and I am an avid photographer. I am contemplating creating a field guide for the island so i’d love positive id’s on some of these bugs. I took these pictures this summer. I feel bad sending so many seperate questions so this one has three different bugs including a spider and some sort of stick bug.
Andrew Niccum
Bald Head Island, NC

Hover Fly

Dear Andrew,
Your multiple letters with multiple identification requests each have arrived on the cusp of our preparations to leave the offices for a week to visit with family in Ohio.  Alas, we are unable to comply with your numerous requests at this time.  We are posting your photo of a Hover Fly in the family Syrphidae, though we haven’t the time right now for researching a conclusive identification.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to supply an answer.  Since we will be away, we will not be answering any emails, but you are free to peruse our archives for your identification requests.  You can also browse the Syrphidae images on BugGuide to try to identify this species.  This angle of view may make identification difficult.  A dorsal view is generally preferred, though some insects are more easily identified with a lateral view.  The spider image attached to this email is a Nursery Web Spider, Pisaurina mira.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Bald Head Island, North Carolina

2 Responses to Unknown Hover Fly is Meromacrus acutus

  1. Kevin Moran says:

    This is Meromacrus acutus one of my favorite syrphids.


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