Strange bug on my window sill-
June 13, 2010
It is June in northern virginia. This bug we found in our living room window. It is a little under an inch long. has a large back section with wings and 2 sets of legs attached. Then a long “neck” like area and the head. Just under the head are 2 more legs that remind me of a praying mantis. It is brown/grey in color. What is that bug?
woodbridge, VA


Hi Morgen,
Thank you for submitting such well written letters and such beautiful photographs.  Your letters are quite astute.  You have compared this little Neuropteran to a Preying Mantis, and interestingly, it is known as a Mantisfly or Mantispid.  We have gotten letters in the past comparing it to a cross between a wasp and a preying mantis, though that tends to be the brown and yellow striped species.  It should be easy to recognize a predator in this Mantisfly, since raptorial front legs are always, to the best of our knowledge, associated with predatory behavior.  Based on photos posted to BugGuide, and to descriptions, we believe this to be Dicromantispa sayi.

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