Enormous Flying Terror
June 14, 2010
I was outside my apartment in the wee hours of the morning, before sunrise, and as I returned I noticed this enormous eldritch insect god waiting patiently outside my neighbor’s place, possibly in preparation for harvesting my soul for the apocalypse. I am unsure of the dark intent that brings it here, but I am certain that I feel a heavy foreboding over me. It must have been, without exaggeration, no less than five inches in length. I did not kill it, partially out of a deep awe, and partially because I am fairly certain that, in a fair fight, it could take me. What sort of bug is this, and what brings it to this plane of being?
Owner of a Newly-Found Dread
Arlington, TX

Male Dobsonfly

Dear ONFD,
Despite his fearsome appearance, the male Dobsonfly is perfectly harmless.  Females have less impressive but more utilitarian mandibles, and they are able to produce a nip that might draw blood.  We have been getting numerous requests this spring to identify both the adult Dobsonflies and the equally frightening larvae which are known as Hellgrammites.

2 Responses to Male Dobsonfly

  1. KarinP says:

    Re: Male Dobsonfly post of 6/12/10; If “Owner of a Newly Found Dread” is an author, please provide the title of your works, what a delightful read! Why didn’t you get closer to it for the photo, so we could see it better 😀 lol

  2. dmvail1 says:

    Great post, very cool insect and even better commentairy, I laughed so hard!
    Thxs Newly Found Dread

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