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A Dobsonfly
June 14, 2010
Hello, We adopted this beautiful bug over the weekend camping trip. It looked like he was just coming out of a cocoon or ground. his wings were still moist and he could not fly yet. My daughter named him Larry the Lacewing. I checked your site today only to discover he was not a lacewing but a Dobsonfly. This one has a yellow head and mandibles. We found another the next day with brown head and mandibles. Feel free to use the images to show scale. They’re huge!
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Barryville, NY


Your photos are awesome.


Comment:  For the Love of Dobsonflies
June 14, 2010
Dobson Flies!!!
I am SO excited to see all the dobson fly images being posted recently! About 5 years ago while I lived in Ohio, I came across a male dobsonfly which, not knowing what it was at the time, sparked my interest in the bug world! I have not seen one in person since my sighting 5 years ago, and look forward to the day I come across this magnificent creature again! Since there seem to be SO MANY sightings this year, maybe this is a good sign that I will get my chance! I live in Cleveland Mississippi now, about 2 hours south of Memphis, TN. Do you think I will be able to find one around these parts? Thank you for all the wonderful images, and the great work you do on this site!
Cassie Shaw

Hi Cassie,
Thanks for your enthusiastic letter.  Various species of Dobsonflies are found around the world.  According to BugGuide, sightings in Mississippi occur …  .  Hold that thought since BugGuide is not currently available online.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Dobsonfly

  1. Nvrsleeps1995 says:

    I thank you for your pictures as I recently came across one of this unusual looking creatures. Been Trying to identify it with no luck till coming across this site and your post. I have never seen one of these before and have lived here all my life. Rather an interesting insect for sure.

  2. Maureen E. Strongin says:

    Love this website. Spent my childhood terrified of bugs especially big ones! Now much older, wiser and in awe of nature, I love finding and/or learning more about insects ? I saw a Dobson Fly about 6 yrs ago in my backyard in NY. I believe it was a male. Wish I had known it wouldn’t sting . I might have gotten a little closer. Now living in Virginia where there are beautiful varieties of dragonflies. My favorite thought is that each insect has an individual personality. Talk about diversity!

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