June 9, 2010
Hi I live in Perthshire, Scotland and have just found this “thing” in my garden. The casing isnt like a chrysalis its too smooth and very very narrow – the colours are black with yellow stripes. Any Ideas??
Perthshire, Scotland

Thing from Scotland

Hi Kay,
Please provide more information.  Where was this thing found?  Underground?  Inside a stump?  On a branch? Underwater?  Perhaps someone with recognize this thing and write in to us.

The photo of the Mystery bug in Scotland looks like the dried up tail of some kind of flying insect, like a damselfly, dragonfly or even like a grasshopper. The post didn’t seem to have any responses so I just wanted to add my thoughts.
Daniel Fagan

Update from Karl
June 14, 2010
Hi Daniel and Kay:
I was initially unconvinced that this was actually an animate object, but it looks like it could be the abdomen of a female Golden-ringed Dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii). It looks very similar and the species does occur in Scotland. I haven’t checked out all of the possibilities, but this looks pretty close to me. Here is another example: http://www.brocross.com/dfly/species/boltonii.htm. Regards.  Karl

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Location: UK

One Response to Mystery from Scotland: Abdomen of a Golden Ringed Dragonfly perhaps

  1. RenaudB says:


    You are absolutly right, this is indeed a part a the abdomen of a female Cordulegaster boltonii. That kind of ‘blade’ at the end is the ovipositor. The female lays eggs by flying repetidly up and down in a upstanding position and sticks eggs into the mud of the riverbank with the ovipositor.

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