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possible ichneumon wasp?
June 10, 2010
Hi Bugman,
I was wondering if you could help me identify this insect–I was thinking it was some sort of ichneumon wasp? I found it fluttering around on the ground; it was around 1.5″ long. I think the antennae are fascinating!
Western North Carolina

Crane Fly:  male Ctenophora nubecula

Hi Dakota,
This is sure an interesting Crane Fly.  The feathered antennae are very distinctive.  We are going to begin searching the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website in the hopes of properly identifying this spectacular Crane Fly.  The closest match we found, but one that is definitely not your species, is Limonia (Rhipidia) duplicata (Doane) on the Limoniinae subfamily page.
BugGuide has an image of a Crane Fly from Alaska in the genus Ctenophora that also has pectinate antennae, but again, it is not a match.  We went back and looked at the genus Ctenophora on the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website and we believe it must be the correct genus, but still no hit on species.  We will try to write to Dr. Chen Young for assistance.

Dr. Chen Young provided identification
Hi Daneil,
This is a male Ctenophora nubecula  http://iz.carnegiemnh.org/cranefly/tipulinae.htm#Ctenophora_(Ctenophora)_nubecula and here is a key http://iz.carnegiemnh.org/cranefly/idkeys.htm#23A to tell all the Ctenophora species apart in east North America.
Daneil, I was wondering if you would ask the person submitted the images if it would be okay for me to post these two images on the PA crane fly website.  The second image truely showed the characters of the structure of the antennae of this species.  A higer resolution of the images would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much for all the information, and the speedy response! I would love to have my photos on the crane fly website. If he or any of his crane fly brethren come around again, I’ll try to capture a few shots.
Thanks again,

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for all of your efforts and the images.  Please also give my regards to Dakota.
Best wishes,

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: North Carolina

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