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New home – new bugs! – Followup – Male Dobsonfly?
June 8, 2010
OK, 3rd posting to you guys….and I think I finally identified the last bug of the 3 I sent you pictures of last Friday. I had lots of trouble even knowing where to start with this one online because I had no idea even what family to look in. But a photo of a green lacewing looked like maybe the right family, and from there, I found it! A male Dobsonfly, I presume? Lexington Texas…..
Mary Beth Kelley
Lexington, Texas – on screened porch on home near small lake

Male Dobsonfly

Hi Mary Beth,
You are absolutely correct.  This is a male Dobsonfly.  We have posted numerous images of Dobsonflies on our website in the past few weeks as sightings have been plentiful.  We apologize for not responding to your requests, but we are only able to answer a small fraction of the letters we receive.  We will see if we can find your other requests in our inbox.  Hopefully you signed all your letters similarly.

Thank you, Daniel.  I understand you can’t reply to all requests…no problem.  I don’t think you need to backtrack to find the other requests – the first one included pictures of 2 different moths, but since I knew what type of bugs those were, I’m pretty sure I nailed them down.  Since we’ve recently moved to Lexington Texas from Bee Cave Texas and have a small pond in front of the house, bugs are much more plentiful here than where we used to live, and many of them I’ve never seen before.  I’ll try not to “bug” you too much with new requests.  Your website is SO helpful, I expect I can find many of them myself….much easier if I can at least guess what type of bug it is…the Dobsonfly had me stumped for several days till I saw a picture of a green lacewing and figured they might be in the same family.
Thanks again for all you do.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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