What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 sets of wings, yellow with black line down the back and green head
June 7, 2010
Just curious if it’s dangerous as my elderly mother is always in her garden and this guy (or gal) whizzed by her and popped a squat on a stick near her fig tree.
Virginia Beach

Skimmer Dragonfly

Dear Anthony,
This is one of two species of Skimmer Dragonflies in the genus Libellula and it is a female.  It may be the Golden Winged Skimmer, Libellula auripennis, which is profiled on BugGuide, or it may be Needham’s Skimmer, Libellula needhami, also profiled on BugGuideBugGuide indicates of Needham’s Skimmer:  “Males are best separated from male Golden-Wings by redder face and body, along with brown lower hindlegs and less orange wings. Female and juvenile male Needham’s best separated from Golden-Wings by lateral thoracic pattern, augmented by the two-toned costa.
”  The Golden Winged Skimmer is restricted to coastal areas.  Regarding the dangerous question, the species is not a consideration in our answer.  Traditionally, Dragonflies are victims of many colorful rumors and are called by a wealth of diabolical names, including the Devil’s Darning Needle.  As the Devil’s Darning Needle, it is believed that they will sew shut the lips of children who lied, women who scolded, and men who cursed, but this is false.  Dragonflies help rid the world of mosquitoes and biting flies, and they are considered beneficial insects who will not harm people.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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