Beautiful bug on the window
June 7, 2010
I work at my computer where I can watch my tiny yard which backs onto a creek in DFW area of north Texas. I watch the birds/hawks during the day, raccoons, possums, and occasional fox at night. Yesterday, I looked up to see this lovely specimen. However, I cannot identify him. Please help..I had a cog beetle one day, but this? Hmm.
All Critter Lover

Dallas-Fort Worth North Texas

Flower Longhorn

Dear All Critter Lover,
This Flower Longhorn is
Stenelytrana emarginata and it does not have a common name.  BugGuide indicates it is attracted to fermenting bait.  Were you by chance drinking a banana daquiri at the time of the sighting?  Your photo is quite painterly.

Flower Longhorn

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  1. susankm says:

    Thanks for withdrawing the advice about red wasps not being aggressive. We are being stung constantly going in and out of the back door from our garage. I try not to kill things, but this is out of control! Any suggestions for ways to get rid of them while minimizing harm to other insects and animals? we are i Brentwood TN by the way.


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